About Us

Door No.1 is an event management company that is here to create a memorable experience for you. Our professionals love our job and thus if you avail our services, you can be assured to have an experience of a lifetime. We have a team of veteran professionals who help in offering top notch services in the field of event management. We have years of expertise, having worked in the field of event management for decades. This helps us in approaching each and every task in a planned manner.

Door No.1 starts off each event by planning each and every aspect methodically. Having many other partners in the field of event management helps our business a great deal and we can organize events of varied sizes. We pay attention to the smallest of details so that the event is organized in the best possible way, reducing the chances of any mishaps. As a top notch event promotion company Abu Dhabi, Door No.1 has made it an utmost priority to acquire the latest equipment for use in events. Our specialty is event management in Dubai, exhibitions as well as promoting brands for clients. We also pay a great deal of emphasis to the requirements of clients with regards to how they want their event to be organized. Our company has also put in place a stringent hiring process so that only the most skilled event management professionals are hired by the company.

Door No.1’s specialty is not limited to organizing events, exhibitions and promotions. We organize many other important events like gala dinners, weddings, fashion shows, conferences, seminars, award ceremonies as well as undertake destination management, temporary staffing and organize club nights. Door No.1 as an event organizer in UAE has acquired a specific set of personnel for each event so that we can give it the required attention. All of our professionals are committed to ensure that each and every event that we organize leaves a lasting memory in the minds of people attending it. Over the years as an event agency Dubai, we have had the distinct privilege to work with some of the best erectile dysfunction business leaders from various fields. Thus, we have had the opportunity to make the most of advanced technology and expertise to grow business. Subsequently also this has helped us in achieving our business potential. The good thing about us is that we offer services at a reasonable price which makes our services affordable to people looking to organize events. As a consequence we are able to hold a decisive edge over competitors in the field of event management. We are continuously striving to produce the best events so that we can establish a name for our services throughout the globe.


Door No. 1 is committed to quality management from our clients with the highest standard. We do not sacrifice on quality. We make sure quality is adhered throughout the planning to delivery with strict quality control.

Quality Assurance is an inherent part of our services and we ensure that our clients do not face any problem at any stage.

Driven by passion, ambition, innovation and an eye for detail Door No.1 is looking to recruit at all levels.
We provide a unique, encouraging environment, acutely focused on positive development and growth, and are looking for candidates who are self-motivated, goal oriented and driven. They should be able to work autonomously and as part of a team with strong leadership and decision-making skills.

Please send us an updated CV with your latest photograph to vacancies@doorno1.com.”

Why Door No1?

Because we love what we do.

“It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action.” – Al Batt

We believe in taking action. Door No1 is passionate towards its events. Our team has one focus – to strive to make your events Spectacular.