AGMC Rolls-Royce
Boutique Opening

A new breed of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars showroom was being created in Dubai. A bold destination. A place where the senses can be heightened. Where luxury can meet a new dimension. It will be a bold space for guests to catch up over a cigar. To talk shop or make deals. And to conjure up the car of their dreams.


The bespoke space required a launch event fitting of the new concept which would establish, from the beginning, a unique voice for the brand. As part of this launch, the word ‘showroom’ was left behind, and in its place a more modern title would evoke boutique service and atelier chic; The Rolls-Royce Boutique.

Please note that this project was delivered by our leadership team but not by Door No.1 LLC.

ClientAGMC - BMWServicesDesign + Production + DeliveryYear2015

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